Avioportolano Fly-in

The celebration of our thirtieth anniversary is the celebration of all the managers of the airfields, airfields and small airports who have found in our publications the space to be present in the aerial practice of thousands of pilots. Many of which began their careers learning to navigate with AVIOPORTOLANO maps and information.

The AVIOPORTOLANO FLY-IN is an opportunity for those who have been lucky enough to experience the great adventure that I tell in the pages of this site to meet. I would also like it to be an opportunity for those young aspiring pilots who dream of flying like professionals to meet. Dear kids, I assure you that you will hear stories here that you will probably never have the chance to hear again.

I hope these young people are at our side during these three days of celebration. Because, if we are lucky enough to celebrate and rejoice in our past, their presence allows us to dream, with the same emotion of thirty years ago, imagining the future. (g.m.)

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  • Luigi Oggiano

  • Massimiliano Bottallo

  • Giancarlo Pierantoni

  • Stefano Felici

  • Emanuela Gubbiotti

  • Rinaldo Gaspari

  • Giuseppe Casalino

  • Heike Wieland

  • Giuseppe D'Accolti

  • Mario Varca

  • Rudy Errath

  • Carlo Caraffini

  • Giuseppe Coppolecchia

  • Fabio Tuzzato

  • Salvatore Bombardiere

  • Alberto Massimo Giorgetti

  • Maurizio Tafi

  • Dino Sovrano

  • Franco Lozzi

  • Donatella Ricci