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In this party I could not fail to remember the protagonists of our history, with some of whom I had the honor and pleasure of sharing moments of friendship but who cannot be present. I did this by taking the initiative to dedicate to them, for the short time of this FLY-IN, the spaces and roads that we will share for three days. I am sure they would like it and I hope it will please all those who, thanks to them, can now enjoy the beauty of flying.

Angelo D’Arrigo 1961-2006 - Delta pilot and world-renowned record-man. Among the most important enterprises: 2002, a 5,300 km hang-gliding crossing over Siberia with a flock of Siberian cranes. 2004: he flies to Everest in free flight without an engine with a Nepalese eagle following him. 2006: he follows the routes of the condors on Aconcagua in the Andes mountain range. He died in a plane crash as a passenger in 2006 in Comiso.

Ivan Ferrari 1930- 2010 - Italian manufacturer of ULM. It began producing trolleys for motorized hang gliders in the early 1980s, becoming the largest Italian manufacturer. Subsequently it developed a series of ULMs including the “Tucano” tubes and canvas which for many years was the most popular trainer aircraft in flight schools, making a fundamental contribution to the development of VDS in Italy.

Luigi Pascale 1923-2017 - Aeronautical engineer, university lecturer, finder with his brother Giovanni della Partenavia and Tecnam spa. With this company he made his debut in the VDS flight sector by designing and building the Tecnam P92 ECHO high wing. Later he created the Tecnam P96 low-wing in the Sierra and Golf versions. Luigi Pascale's projects have led Tecnam to be one of the first aeronautical companies in the world.

F.lli Bricoli Erminio bricoli 1946-.2003 - Stefano bricoli 1946-2020 Italian free flight champions - the twins Stefano and Erminio Bricoli were legendary multiple champions in the history of free flight in Italy. They dominated the charts for ten years. Three times Italian champion Stefano, four times Erminio. Always at the top of the rankings. They were the distributors in Italy of the French company La Mouette which produces hang gliders. Erminio dies from a flight accident on a new wing. Stefano for the consequences of Covid 19.

Didier Favre 1947-1994 Pioneer of free flight and inventor of Bivouac Flight, a specialty that consists in sailing, taking off and landing along the slopes of the mountains, sleeping in a tent. 1989: Chamonix / Nice, 5 days of flight; in 1991 he covered the entire Alpine arc in 15 days of flight and 444 km, a feat repeated in 1993 starting from the Principality of Monaco to Slovenia. He dies of a flight accident while testing a new wing.

Mario Prezioso 1924-2015 A pioneer of free flight, he was among the first to fly hang gliders in the early 1970s. Among the founders of the Federazione Italiana Volo Libero (FIVL) he held the position of President from 1977 to 1985 until the approval of law 106 on pleasure or sports flying of which he was one of the most active promoters. Federal Councilor for the specialty within the Aero club of Italy.

Doi Malingri 1936-2004 One of the greatest and best known Italian sailors in the 1980s founded Polaris and began building hang gliders for free flight. He then combines his passion for the sea with that of flying by combining his hang glider with a small motorized catamaran hull designed by Roberto Sonny Levi. Then replaced with an inflatable boat that Malingri patents and produces.

Furio Lauri 1918 - 2002 Entrepreneur and Aviator gold medal for military valor, he founded the companies Meteor Costruzioni Aeronautiche and Iniziative Industriali Italiane (I.I.I). With the I.I.I. he built the Sky Arrow ultralight airplane initially conceived as a remotely piloted aircraft. The Sky Arrow was then the first certified airplane made of composite material.

Francis Melvin Rogallo 1912-2009 US engineer employed at NASA, together with his wife Gertrude Sudgen, he invented and patented the modern hang glider as an alternative system to conventional parachutes for the re-entry of space capsules into the atmosphere. The airfoil of the hang glider, also called "Ala di Rogallo", has revolutionized the world of aviation, triggering the phenomenon of new aviation all over the world.

Bill Bennet 1929 - 2004 Together with the Australian Bill Moyes, he was the first to introduce and spread the practice of free flight with the Ala di Rogallo in the world. Initially the wing was towed and raised in flight on water skis. The photograph of him sailing around the statue of Liberty with a pair of skis on his feet is very famous. He died in a plane crash aboard a motorized hang glider.

Arturo Pacini 1925-2011 Senator of the Italian Republic for three consecutive legislatures until 1987. Writer and first signatory of the law of 25 March 1985 nr. 106 “Disciplina del volo da diporto o sportivo”.

Enzo Boschi 1947-2003 Publisher and Director of the magazine "L’Aquilone". Enzo Boschi, known to his friends as "Baffo", was the founder in 1976 of the magazine L’Aquilone entirely dedicated to free flight in hang gliding without engines, which was the reference point for all first generation pilots. Boschi was a pioneer from both a sports and journalistic point of view, testifying with his writings the passion that animated the start of the VDS adventure.

Armando Pesaresi 1922-2011 Pilot builder of the "Pipistrone". Armando Pesaresi with his "Pipistrone" was for all the symbol of the Pleasure Flight. "He gave us the most romantic and bizarre series of aircraft that ever existed, demonstrating that to fly it takes very little, if only you want it, and considering flying a real gift: on the basis of the windshield of his plane he had written: “Grazie, Dio, per il privilegio di volare”. (Rodolfo Biancorosso - Volo Sportivo - January 2012)

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