Avioportolano is a publishing house that has been publishing information and aeronautical charts since 1987 collecting information data from airports, airfields and private airstrips directly from the source with a network of more than 600 collaborators.


The Name

The therm Avioportolano is composed of the word (from the latin avis, meaning bird) and from "portolano" (from portus, meaning port) and indicates the volume containing useful air navigation information for leisure related to airports, airfields and runways for pleasure flights. This term was coined and registered by the founder Guido Medici at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office in 1995 with the publication of the first edition of the volume of the same name (Guido Medici, Avioportolano '95/'96 – Guida al volo turistico e sportivo, Pegaso Edizioni, Venezia, 1995) and soon became part of the current language of the pilots.


Our History

Avioportolano publications began in Italy in 1987 following the adoption of law 106 of 1985 Guidelines on pleasure and sports flights. At that time, Italian law prohibited the use of airports (which could only be used by general aviation aircraft) for this type of apparatus and, having the need for different and specific landing areas, there was an exceptional increase in private runways in Italy classified as "airfields" and "airstrips" which are not monitored by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and not published (if not in part) in AIP Italy (Aeronautical Information Publication).Avioportolano has bridged the information gap in this particular sector, by launching the first "National Census of Light Aviation Facilities" between 1987 and 1989,which was subsequently repeated every two years until 2016. Since 2017 it has been carried out on an annual basis. In the same year, the publishing company became a Limited Liability Company with the legal name of Avioportolano Srl administered and managed by the founder Guido Medici.


Censuses and Publications

Avioportolano now carries out constant monitoring activities on more than 600 runways, using its own network of collaborators and detectors and carrying out constant verification and updating activities of the data. The information outlook of the geography of the light aviation facilities present in Italy is completed by Avioportolano Italy with the publication of a special aeronautical chart for VFR flight in scale 1:500.000 extended to all the Italian territory and to those neighbouring from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Quality Policy

Avioportolano since 1987 has published information and aeronautical cartography, collecting information data from airports, airfields and private airfields.
The company is committed to continuously improving the offer of its products taking into account the expectations of interested parties.
Avioportolano operates in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to the sector and guarantees a continuous updating of its resources considering the context in which the company operates.
The Management defines the strategic objectives and undertakes to make the necessary resources available to achieve them.
The Management also considers the involvement and motivation of personnel to be fundamental to guarantee the continuous improvement of the quality management system implemented.
The Management undertakes to disseminate, review and update this Quality Policy in compliance with the strategies of Avioportolano S.r.l.

2021 Webaai

Publication of the webapp webaai.it which makes available the complete content of the "VFR AAI Italia Manual" in digital form and updated every 28 days as well as complete information on all the Italian airfields which can be consulted through a new dynamic and modern interface optimized for desktop computer, tablet and smartphone. Click here for more.


The first edition of the "AAI Italia VFR Manual" is published, which reports in simplified form the AIP Italia and all the special regulations of Italy. The AAI Italia VFR Manual provides information - regulatory, technical, procedural (national and international) - necessary and sufficient to support the pilot in planning the flight in VFR mode in the airspace of the Italian territory. It integrates the official information relating to airports with the Italian regulations on Airfields, Helipads and Flight Fields. Click here for more information.


On September 30, 2019, the inspectors of "Bureau Veritas" - an independent accredited certification body and a world leader in the inspection and verification of companies' compliance with international regulations - issued the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification to Avioportolano srl for the "Production, management and provision of aeronautical information services and related AIS (Aeronautical Information Service) publications for visual flight VFR (Visual Flight Rules)" in compliance with the provisions and recommendations of ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization (Annex 15 - Aeronautical Information Services). Click here for more information.  


2018: In addition to the chart and information updates relating to aeronautical publications of the Italian territory, the Avioportolano volumes for the following countries were published for the first time:Austria, Slovenia/Northern Croatia and Southern Croatia/Bosnia Herzegovina.


Avioportolano Italy switches to annual publication for the first time. The holding company became a Limited Liability Company with the name of Avioportolano Srl whose president and director is the founder, Guido Medici.


The evolution of Avioportolano applications reaches version 2.5 also available in English.The "Italy Aerotouring Flight Guide" volume was updated and republished in English. 2015/2016” and for the first time it was also in English under the title “Avioportolano Italy – National Network of airports and airfields”.


Contracts were signed for the supply of digital charts and the Avioportolano Aeronautical Data Base with the following companies: Divelements Limited (Sky Demon) Ifos (Sky Map), Cedac (Flight Utilities), RocketRoute Limited (Rocket Route); Honeywell, Leonardo. Aeronautical charts for VFR flight from Slovenia to Bosnia and Herzegovina were published. The "Avioportolano Italy 2015/2016" edition has been published and for the first time also in English with the title "Avioportolano Italy - National Network of airports and airfields"


The eleventh edition of the volume of “Avioportolano Italia 2014/2015”. was published. The digital version of the Aeronautical Charts for VFR flight was published with the first supply contract to the Swiss company Xample owner of the Flight Navigation Software "Air Navigation Pro"


The "Avioportolano" application version 1.0 for IOS tablets and phones was released immediately followed by the application for Android tablets and phones.


The Aerotouring volumes were published in an interactive format on Apple tablets in Italian, English and German. The publishing house celebrated its twenty years of activity with the tenth edition of the volume of "Avioportolano Italy“2012/2013”.


In April 2011 the "Aerotouring für Privatpiloten" volume was officially presented at the International Air Fair 2011 (Friedricshafen – Germany) (Guido Medici – Ed. EIL Systems - Venezia 2011 – 384pp) containing Leisure Flight Routes over Germany and data from over 500 Airports. The map of Germany was also published and presented (Aeronautical Chart – Activities and Service – sc. 1:1.000.000 – Ed EIL Systems – Venezia 2011) containing graphic indications on all the services present in German airports.


From July to September 2010 Guido Medici, owner of Avioportolano Italy, flew over Germany for 130 hours on a route of 15.000 kilometres flying over 250 airports and taking over 20.000 aerial photographs. From September to December the first national census of German airport facilities was completed with coverage of 40%. Information on the remaining 60% was indicated consulting the German AIP.


The national convention for the presentation and opening of the "Italian Aviation Tourism Project - The role of minor airports and private runways as "Air Tourism Stops" for the development of tourism and the territory" is organised in Rome, at the Casa dell'Aviatore on 14 March 2009. The Scalo Avioturistico trademark was registered throughout Europe by Avioportolano Italy, indicating and qualifying the aircraft landing facilities equipped with organization, services and aero resorts to support and satisfy the general aviation pilot and his crew in the leisure flight.


On February 2008 the volume of Avioportolano Italia 2008/2009 – Guida al volo Turistico e Sportivo (Guido Medici – Ed. EIL Systems – Venezia 2008 – 520 pp) to which the new volume of Italia In Volo - Aeroguida turistica e gastronomica – Itinerari Aerei, luoghi, alberghi, ristoranti was matched for the first time with over 140 restaurants and agritourism registered and monitored by Avioportolano Italia with gastronomic tourist itineraries. Avioportolano was also published in an electronic version for Pocket PC in collaboration with ASA srl. In the second half of the same year, Avioportolano Italy elaborated the "Italian Aviation Tourism Project".


Avioportolano engaged in the project Italia In Volo Italia In Volo and in the realisation of its geographical maps in scale 1:250.000 with the positioning of the runways in relation to the road network. The complete colour edition of Avioportolano Italia 2006/2007 – Guida al volo turistico e sportivo (Guido Medici- Ed EIL Systems – Venezia 2006 450 pp) was released for the first time, with 50% of the runways photographed.


The first result of the "Progetto Italia In Volo" is the publication of the volume Point To Point – Con la testa tra le nuvole e i piedi per terra – Itinerari turistici aerei tra Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Toscana, Liguria, Sardegna (Guido Medici - Coedizione delle regioni Sardegna, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, Toscana, Veneto as part of the interregional Point To Point project financed by Art.5 of law 135/2001 – Venice July 2005-168 pp) the volume was also translated and published in English and distributed free of charge in Italy and Europe to promote air tourism. Between September and December 2005 the "VI National census for Light Aviation facilities" was started and finished.


On February 2004 Avioportolano Italia 2004/2005 – Guida al volo turistico e sportivo (Guido Medici – Ed. EIL Systems – Venezia 2004 – 428 pp) was published. In the same year, Guido Medici launched the "Progetto Italia In Volo" with the aim of photographing all the Italian pleasure flight runways and creating a specific photographic Data Base for the identification and dissemination of tourist aviation routes.


On February 2002 the fifth edition of Avioportolano Italia 2002 – Guida al volo turistico e sportivo (Guido Medici, edizioni EIL System, Venezia 2002, 350 pp) and the new edition of the aeronautical charts for pleasure flights using the database from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) of the United Department of Defence (DOD) completed by AIP data in collaboration with ASA srl was published. The runways surveyed by Avioportolano Italia are over 480.


Between September and December 2001 the "IV National Census for Light Aviation Facilities" was conducted under the Patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department for Tourism, of the Ministry of Transport and Air Navigation, the Italian Flying Club, the Italian Federation of Free Flight and of the Italian Federation for Light Aviation Facilities.


The activity of Avioportolano Italia obtains the patronage of the Presidency of the Council - Department for Tourism, the Ministry of Transport and Air Navigation, the Aero Club of Italy, the Italian Federation of Free Flight and the Italian Federation of Structures for Light Aviation.


For Avioportolano it is an important year and "Avioportolano Italia '99 / 2000" is transformed into an editorial series with the simultaneous publication of 4 volumes: "Volume 1 - Guide to tourist and sports flying" (247 pp) edition which reports, for the first time in Italy, the comparative statistical results of the censuses conducted; "Volume 2 - VFR Flight Guide" (240 pp); "Volume 3 - Guide to GPS navigation for VFR flights in Northern Italy" (247 pp); "Volume 4 - National guide to free flight" (252 pp), this volume reports the results of the census of free flight take-off points.


Between September and December 1998 The "III National census for Light Aviation Facilities" and the first "Census of Free Flight take-off spots" was conducted. An important agreement was also concluded with ASA srl to extend the information filed of interest of Avioportolano to airport facilities.


The "II National Census for Light Aviation Facilities" kicked off in September 1996.


the results of the census were published in the first national edition of Avioportolano Italia - Guida al volo turistico e sportivo '95/'96 (Guido Medici – Pegaso Edizioni – Venezia 10 aprile 1995 – 239 pp). In the same year, Guido Medici, as director of the magazine IL VOLO, signed an agreement with the De Agostini Geographical Institute of Novara for the publication of new aeronautical charts for pleasure flights in scale 1:500.000. Avioportolano Italia also became the promoter for the establishment of the FISAL (Italian Federation of Light Aviation Facilities) that was established by notarial deed on 20 October 1995.


An important agreement was signed between the magazine IL VOLO and the Italian Touring Club that allowed the publication of new aviation charts for pleasure aircraft consisting of eight regional titles in scale 1:200.000 and two national titles in scale 1:400.000 covering all of Italy. At the same time, Guido Medici launched the first "National Census of Light Aviation Facilities".


Guido Medici supervised the realisation of the first pleasure flight runway charts focusing on the basic official charts of the Geotopographic Information Centre of the Italian Air Force (CIGA), which authorised the overprinting and disclosure of the information material collected.


The magazine IL VOLO organized the first national convention on the pleasure flights sector during which the foundations were laid for the creation of information tools for pleasure flights. For the first time, the issue of flight within controlled air spaces was addressed and a proposal for the creation of a specific VFR aeronautical chart for pleasure aircraft was presented. From this moment on, the new policy of the magazine IL VOLO effectively started, which extended its field of interest to all the main topics related to pleasure flights.


The data sheets were collected in the publication Guida al volo da diporto (Guido Medici, Pegaso Edizioni, Venezia 1991).


The magazine IL VOLO was established, directed by Guido Medici, where data sheets for private airfields and airstrips where the pleasure aircraft referred to in law 106 can land and take off, were published monthly for the first time.


Law 106 “Guidelines on pleasure and sports flights” was issued, which regulates flight with ultralight aircraft not covered by the air navigation code.

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