• Avioportolano Thirty Years
  • Airac cycle update
  • Complete and interactive AIP VFR
  • Avioportolano Thirty Years
  • Complete information on fuel availability
  • 2600 photo
  • Avioportolano Thirty Years
  • Dynamic satellite map
  • Over 2000 restaurants
  • 1400 printable documents
  • Avioportolano Thirty Years
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    Since 1987 we have been monitoring the entire universe of Italian airports and private runways. We are the only private company in Europe that uses only its own sources and does not process those of others. This is done through specific surveys and the activity of more than 600 detectors that constantly update our Data Base. That's why we are the official suppliers of the major manufacturers of air navigation software.

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    We produce and update more than 1500 descriptive documents monthly of all airports, airfields and ULM airstrips: Approach maps, airport maps and text information accompanied by aerial images and procedures. We use geo-referenced digital vector formats which can be downloaded directly from the main air navigation software for IOS and Android mobile devices.

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    The Avioportolano VRF Aeronautical Charts are produced annually in accordance with the ICAO standard (Annex 4 Aeronautical Charts) in paper and Digital formats, they are characterised and appreciated in Italy and Europe for the quality of the information and for the excellent graphics that optimise the readability without penalising the background geographic information. They are the only national charts that show the entire network of Italian airports and private airfields.

    The charts cover Italy, Malta, Corsica, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    The Avioportolano charts are implemented in digital format on air navigation devices and software produced by leading companies in the aviation sector that operate in partnership with Avioportolano Italy. By downloading our charts you will have the possibility to read exactly the same navigation chart that you have on board on the screen of your instruments, the same used to plan your flights, stops and routes with the assurance of the fast and intuitive reading you are accustomed to.

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    Since 1987 the Avioportolano volume is the guide to airports, airfields and ULM airstrips, followed and appreciated by Italian pilots and European pilots who come to fly in Italy. It has photographs of the runways, maps, technical data and updated information on air tourism with an editorial content that has led the way throughout Europe. It is published in Italian and English.

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    Avioportolano WebAAI

    The Avioportolano WebAAI is a Webapp available for smartphones, tablets and PCs. A tool that makes immediately available to pilots - with a simple, quick and intuitive navigation system - detailed information on the entire network of airports, airfields and ULM airfields in Italy with maps, photos, tourist information and more.
    Also available is the interactive VFR AIP, complete and easy to consult, all updated to the Airac cycle.

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